How to prolong fructification of cucumbers until the end of September

How to prolong fructification of cucumbers until the end of September

Cucumbers can be grown up both in the greenhouse, and in the open ground. Earlier grades begin fructification in the middle of May. However very often by the end of August the cucumbers begin to turn yellow, and at them there occurs drying process.

Cucumbers are very exacting vegetable culture. They need a lot of moisture, heat and sunlight. To prolong fructification of cucumbers for some time, it is necessary to make competently fertilizing and it is correct to look after plants at this moment.

Even in the early spring when choosing seeds for landing it is better to choose both early grades, and late. It will provide you with cucumbers for all season. As in September the air temperature becomes lower, and grades have to transfer low temperatures well. Very often from cold snaps the cucumbers begin to taste bitter. And it is just connected with low temperatures on the street. It is possible to distinguish from such grades the True Colonel, the Farmer, the Brawler and many others.

At the end of August and in September the root system begins to work for cucumbers in connection with fall of temperature badly. It absorbs from the soil of the necessary microelements and vitamins necessary for good fructification less. Therefore it is important to maintain high temperature of the soil. For this purpose cucumbers water only with warm water in the afternoon, after watering loosen the soil and strew with humus. At night in greenhouses it is necessary to use ukryvny material, and in the open ground to apply film to concealment of cucumbers again.

Because of bad work of root system it is better to make fertilizing on leaves. For this purpose use the complex mineral fertilizer which is not containing chlorine. Fertilizer is dissolved in water and sprayed in the first half of day. Such fertilizing carry out with interval of 15 days.

At this time it is more regularly necessary to collect cucumbers, without allowing their development. With plants to manage accurately and once again not to overturn.

In September the cucumbers are especially subject to various diseases: mealy dew, white and gray decay and others. For effective fight against mealy dew use solution of urea or infusion of mullein. Infusion of mullein each 8-10 days process plants, and dissolve urea at the rate of 1 g on 1 l. Also, to protect cucumbers, they are sprayed with milk solution with iodine addition. If folk remedies do not help, it is necessary to refuse chemical medicines - during collecting cucumbers it is impossible to apply them. Too struck plants need to be removed from kitchen garden. And after the end of fructification also to collect and burn or dig all cucumber tops of vegetable in deep hole. If you have such opportunity, then on this place they should not be imprisoned for the next year.

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