How to prolong life to svezhesrezanny flowers

How to prolong life to svezhesrezanny flowers

Bouquet from lively colors - fine decoration of interior. If you want the bouquet long to please you with the aroma and freshness, use the following receptions.


1. Svezhesrezanny flowers are stored longer, than bought in shop. Think what way has done bouquet to shop?

2. It is impossible to hold long flowers without water. Even if you should transport them - take care of that the stalk was in water (let in cellophane bag), in this case flowers will please you longer.

3. Before putting flowers in water, remove all faded lobes and cut stalk. It is necessary in order that water remained clear longer. Leaves in water promote formation of bacteria which are pernicious for flowers. Cut off stalk only sharp KNIFE. Of course, it is easier to cut with scissors stalk, but scissors too press fabrics.

4. Cut off stalk. The first time stalk is cut off on 3-5 cm under flowing water. Thanks to it air bubbles will not cork vessels of vegetable fabric and will not interfere with water suction by flower. It is necessary to cut off flower at an angle in 45 degrees. It increases the area of the inhausting flower surface. Also we will pay attention that it is necessary to cut off stalk regularly (at least every other day and on 1 cm) and only sharp knife. Why it is impossible scissors, for example. Everything is simple: scissors too peredavlivat stalk fabrics, so, the plant will receive less nutrients.

5. Use only clean vases for flowers. It is desirable to wash out it by means of soap or cleanser. It will remove all pathogenic microorganisms which can do much harm to flowers.

6. Regularly change water in vase. Some flowers actively absorb water - control process, if necessary add fresh water. Use clear water, it is desirable defended (that sew chlorpoints in it was not).

7. Feed up flowers. There are folk remedies: sugar or aspirin. But it is better to use the nutrients checked for years and professionals (powder for maintaining svezhestrezanny colors) - are on sale in flower shops. And you think why flowers are stored in shops for weeks. Thanks to this small secret. To nutritious powder it is possible to add to water a little soda (¾ teaspoon on water liter). It will help to keep water clean and transparent and will slow down process of formation of bacteria and microorganisms, harmful to flowers. The main thing is not to go too far in soda, otherwise there will be boomerang effect.

8. You store flowers in the cool place. In the sun your bouquet long will not stay and at plate too. Think of it.

9. Spray flowers. Flowers love moisture therefore will do them only good if they are sprayed by about 1-2 times a day. Some flowers (hydrangea, rose) can even be stacked for a while in baths with water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team