How to protect apple-tree

How to protect apple-tree

Experienced gardeners know, it is how important to protect young apple-tree from wreckers, diseases and frosts. Only then it is possible to be put on that harvest will be obligatory. The main thing – to make everything in due time.

It is required to you

  • - tobacco;
  • - Bordeaux mix;
  • - urea;
  • - roofing material;
  • - burlap;
  • - fir twigs;
  • - lime;
  • - glue;
  • - clay.


1. Scab – disease which affects all parts of apple-tree. Development of this disease begins in the early spring. Light green spots with brown raid – the first sign. The method of fight against scab is rather simple. Carry out spraying by 5% solution of urea as soon as leaves begin to be dismissed. During all term of vegetation spray apple-tree with the Bordeaux mix.

2. For protection of apple-tree against fruit decay the same way, as is suitable for protection against scab. Solution of urea and the Bordeaux mix will become reliable remedy against spread of these diseases. You carry out spraying systematically since the beginning of the vegetative period.

3. It is possible to protect apple-tree from plant louse by means of systematic whitewashing of trunk with use of lime and glue or clay. Besides, it is recommended to delete in due time radical young growth and to carry out loosening of pristvolny circle.

4. From listovertka the pollination by tobacco dust and rustic tobacco will help. It is possible to prepare infusion from 10 liters of water, 400 g of rustic tobacco. To infuse it within 48 hours and to carry out spraying.

5. Yablonny tsvetoyed is capable to destroy young apple-tree and to spoil harvest on the fructifying tree. It is possible to protect from it apple-tree by means of method of manual assembly, special feromonny traps which can be bought in specialized shop.

6. Frosts can do irreparable harm to the apple orchard. Preparation for winter has to is carried out most carefully. Young apple-trees wrap up with roofing material. As soon as the first snow drops out, stamp it around trunks. This measure will allow to protect apple-tree from rodents also.

7. In low-snow winter use branches of coniferous breeds of trees, burlap, carefully covering with them young apple-trees. Frosts and lack of snow is the most pernicious combination for the young apple orchard. In such winters it is necessary to care with special care for preservation of apple-trees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team