How to protect cabbage from wreckers

Cabbage attracts very many wreckers who wish to regale on its juicy leaves. As a result seedling is literally eaten right after disembarkation by cruciferous flea beetles or till fall the heads of cabbage are spoiled by caterpillars. Not the smaller damage is brought also by other wreckers.

It is required to you

  • - ashes;
  • - green soap;
  • - tops of vegetable of potatoes, tomatoes;
  • - shooters of garlic;
  • - grass of tansy, wormwood;
  • - tobacco;
  • - chemicals.


1. After planting of seedling of cabbage in kitchen garden it is attacked by cruciferous flea beetles. These are the little jumping insects who gnaw small holes on cabbage leaves, turning them into sieve. Seedling at once dries up. And if not to take urgent measures, in 2-3 days the young plants will be destroyed. Therefore right after disembarkation to bed pollinate seedling oven ashes or sprinkle one of medicines from garden wreckers. For example, take Intavir, "Karate", "Commodore", etc.

2. Also the cabbage plant louse is not less dangerous. It is necessary to struggle with her chemical medicines as Karbofor, Antio, Rovikurt, etc. and also national methods. Use infusion of garlic, potato or tomato tops of vegetable, ashes, tobacco, green soap. Solution is prepared so. Fill in 10 l of cold water of 3-4 kg of tops of vegetable or arrows of garlic and let's infuse. Then add 50 g of green soap, for this purpose dissolve it in water. Process cabbage broom and further do not water from above but only at the roots.

3. But it is the most difficult to fight against caterpillars cabbage scoops and white butterflies who harm cabbage when there are already heads of cabbage and it is not desirable to process chemicals because before harvesting there are 20-30 days. In this case apply folk remedies. At first bring together manually those wreckers whom you see. Then prepare infusion of tomato tops of vegetable, potato tops of vegetable or wormwood. On bucket of water take 3-4 kg of grass. Insist day then it is abundant sprinkle a little on heads of cabbage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team