How to protect country plants from frosts

How to protect country plants from frosts

Country plants have various winter hardiness. Some transfer cold weather without shelters. They are necessary for others. The fertilizing made according to certain recipe will help plants to winter better. It is possible to save seedling from late spring frosts in several ways.

It is required to you

  • - nonwoven ukryvny material;
  • - rope;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - peat;
  • - dry leaves or grass;
  • - fir twigs.


1. Not all trees well transfer hard frosts. Apple-trees, drainings are more resistant to them. Plant sweet cherry, pears, apricots in midland so that from the North they were covered by walls of buildings, fence or other trees. It will reduce influence of cold winds. The South side of the house, fence gets warm from the sun therefore trees will have more chances to winter.

2. Some flowers need to create too conditions that they have easier transferred icy cold. From the middle of August exclude nitric fertilizing. Make solution, having added glass of ashes and tablespoon of double superphosphate on 10 liters of hot water. You will draw it within three days and water flowers at the roots on the damp earth.

3. Remove Pletisty roses, clematises, fruit grapes from support in the middle of October. At the end of this month to podsypta under their trunks peat layer of 10 cm. Under all species of roses it is necessary to put peat of the same height and also to cut off buds and not quite ripe branches. From above fill 5-7 cm of dry grass or leaves. At the beginning of November place 3-4 branches of fir twigs over each bush.

4. At the end of October cut off all flower brushes from hydrangea, podsypta under peat trunk on 7 cm. Such measures will help to protect flowers and plants from frosts.

5. If you at the end of October have made subwinter landing of onions, carrots, then too powder bed with these cultures with peat layer in 5 centimeters. Some gardeners plant subwinter potatoes at this time. That it has transferred frosts, plant it on depth of 25-30 cm, and from above powder with the same peat on 7 cm.

6. For trees winter and spring thaw when in the afternoon plus, and at night subzero temperature can appear pernicious. Because of such differences bark of trees bursts, and they perish. Therefore at the end of October and in the middle of March make whitewashing of trunks and skeletal branches.

7. On thermophilic bushes, hvoynik at the end of October put on bags from nonwoven fabric and strong tie them. Remove shelters in the middle of April.

8. Poznevesenny frosts can ruin seedling. The following measures will help to save plants. Put over arch seedling. From above throw them lutrasit high density. If frosts to - 5 wasps are expected, then on nonwoven fabric put thick film. Well spill plants under arches. Water reduces destructive influence of frosts. It will help to save seedling if that after all has frozen slightly. Next morning very well spill plants water, and they "will depart". Surely attract them if the sun has looked out in the morning. Remove film, and lutrasit leave.

9. Hill shoots of potatoes, having covered them completely with the earth. This measure will help to save potatoes from frosts. When the probability of frosts passes, open plants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team