How to protect garden from rodents

How to protect garden from rodents

In winter time the invasion of rodents becomes the real disaster for garden. In severe winter all fruit-trees can be significantly spoiled, and young landings are destroyed. To protect fruit-trees from rodents, it is necessary to think and take all safety precautions in advance.

  • - Bordeaux liquid;
  • - spray;
  • - wood ashes;
  • - glass wool;
  • - roofing material;
  • - baits;
  • - repellants;
  • - mousetraps.

1. After the end of summer season carefully rake up all fallen-down foliage, put in compost pits or burn. Process trunks of trees and skeletal branches from spray solution of the Bordeaux liquid. Not to burn trees will be to part means in proportion 1 to 10 enough. Rodents do not transfer smell of the Bordeaux liquid at all, even during the hungriest time they will avoid your site.

2. Wind trunks of trees with thin layer of glass wool, over it fix roofing material. Around trunks fill thick layer of wood ashes. As soon as the first snow drops out, carefully stamp it around trunks, water. Through ice crust the rodents will not be able to reach bark which they gnaw around.

3. For extermination of rodents and decrease in their livestock use special means in briquettes or packages. You can buy them in regional office of the sanitary antiepidemiological station or in shops which are specialized on sale of goods for garden and kitchen garden.

4. Spread out baits in country house, in vegetable storehouse, scatter around fruit-trees. To prevent death of birds, display briquettes or packages in narrow pipes. All baits have specific smell which attracts rodents. That briquettes had no smell of your hands, when unfolding put on sterile medical gloves.

5. In addition place electronic repellants on all perimeter of the seasonal dacha. Modern devices effectively cope with the task. All species of rodents will avoid your site. Devices can work from current network or from batteries.

6. Mousetraps can be used as additional resources. The shortcoming is that after hit of mouse or rat you should move away rodent and again to expose the device in operating condition. If you do not visit the dacha rather often, it does not make sense to use mousetraps.

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