How to protect giving from uninvited guests

How to protect giving from uninvited guests

The winter comes nearer, and many summer residents will leave the sites unguarded till spring. Fans can use it to profit others good. How to protect the property from theft and breaking?

Uninvited guests get into houses for various reasons. Someone wants to profit product stocks, and someone with more serious purpose: to steal tools, the equipment, furniture. At the same time they often spoil things, break everything on the way and can even burn the house. It is possible to fight against it. For example, to use national sharpness. Sometimes, it is enough only psychological influence. It is possible to make model of the person on bed. It seems the owner sleeps peacefully to himself, and from under blanket "leg" in sock looks out.

In the hall hang up police overcoats. The thief will think and whether it is necessary to risk so?

The effect of presence will be created also by traces on snow. Therefore periodically it is worth coming to the dacha "to leave marks", and also to create inhabited look. For example, having hanged out linen on rope.

To hide valuable things it will hardly turn out therefore it is better to take away them on wintering to the apartment. If it is impossible, remove them from foregrounds, close windows dense curtains.

Still it is possible to create visibility of the fact that the site under protection. With it you will be helped by old, idle cameras. Green hedge or high fence will make penetration on the site of prickly plants more difficult.

Happens and so that one sharpness is not enough, then it is possible to use electronics. There are special frightening-off devices. They will hardly stop professionals, and here will protect from casual pilferers. The roaring siren is rather popular. It works when breaking door and is capable to draw with the sound attention of neighbors or protection. One more cunning device sounds as bark of big dog. It is established at window and patrols the site at distance of several meters. The owner has remote controller by means of which, at any time, the device can be switched-off.

Also the device periodically turning on light will help to create effect of presence. It can be adjusted so that the light was turned on with different intervals – if the house it is observed.

And the most effective way to protect the site, it and the most expensive, - to sign the contract with security firm. It is possible to cooperate with several owners of seasonal dachas. Not each summer resident will have excess funds for such option. In this case it is possible to arrange watches independently. It will frighten off uninvited guests. On extremely measure of those who ruin houses for the sake of lodging for the night and livelihood.

Protecting the property, it is important not to exceed self-defense measures. For example, it is necessary to be responsible for beating and any infliction of harm to health. And also it is impossible to leave traps on the site, to dig stakes, to leave the poisoned food, to start up current. Also casual people can suffer. One should know where to stop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team