How to protect itself from dangerous substances in life

How to protect itself from dangerous substances in life

My house - my fortress, - we often repeat, and without suspecting that in this citadel we are trapped by many dangers. Many substances used for purity maintenance concern them. It is simple to protect itself and the relatives if to observe certain safety precautions at the address with cleansers and household chemicals.

It is required to you

  • Gloves, respirator, large amount of water


1. Maintenance of purity in the house — task difficult. Modern hostesses are not ready to spend too much time for cleaning. And here they are come to the rescue by various means promising instant disposal of spots, dirt and parasites. But whether these lifesavers are so safe? At contact with cleansers (powders, creams, liquids) always put on rubber gloves. They will protect skin from possible chemical burn, will not allow its overdrying, cracking. Cleaning up the house with use of powders, put on respirator for protection of airways.

2. To reduce influence of hazardous substances of household purpose, it is better to use smaller quantity of means or smaller concentration. After use of the aggressive washing substances the room needs to be aired well.

3. Linen after washing is recommended to be rinsed carefully (manually or by establishment of the corresponding option of the washing machine). The same concerns stain removers, means for washing of ware and other applied substances — the slightest part of reagent can cause allergies.

4. You should not neglect reliable tools against spots (soap, soda or hydrochloric solution, acetic essence, alcohol). Often they cope with pollution not worse than the advertized wonderful substances, at the same time will not undermine the budget and will not entail unforeseen consequences.

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