How to protect seedling roots from medvedka

How to protect seedling roots from medvedka

Medvedka treats insects of group of Orthoptera. It becomes active in May, building earth slots at depth of 10-15 centimeters. The wrecker puts damages to the root system of plant that is the reason of its withering.

Fight against medvedka natural means

That in kitchen garden the medvedka was got it is possible to understand on twisting and friable earth rollers. They are especially well noticeable after rain. Also faded plants and holes in the soil speak about presence of this wrecker.

In the spring before landing of seedling surely dig over all soil: especially in places of congestion of compost and different organic fertilizers. In process collect all found larvae. Burn the found slots and larvae of medvedka. Remember that one missed larva is capable to reproduce to 500 descendants.

During summer season fight against medvedka on the site by means of normal beer. Take glass floor liter bottle and pour in it 100 grams of beer. Accurately tie bottle neck gauze. Then dig bottle with beer to the soil on corner of 45 degrees. From above slightly powder vessel with the earth. Medvedki will soon find bait: they will gnaw through gauze and will get to bottle. To be chosen from there to wreckers it will be problematic. In week dig out bottle, get medvedok and burn. The same way it is possible to catch insects on honey. Consider that the wrecker does not transfer smell of coniferous plants. For fight stock up with needles of cedar, fir, pine. After landing of plants bury needles in poles near beds. If the medvedka appears after landing of plants, strew bed with needles from above. The wrecker also does not transfer smell of fish. If to dig the head, scales, interiors of rotten fish to the earth, the medvedka will not go to this place.

Fight against medvedka chemical means

If fight by means of natural means does not help, then think of chemical methods of impact on medvedka. Moisten roots of seedling of cabbage, sweet pepper, tomatoes, eggplants in solution of medicine of the actor 25 WG or prestige 290 FS. Carry out it directly before landing to the open ground at the air temperature of 18-23 °C. The medvedka will not touch the plant backs processed thus. For fight against medvedka near landings of potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage dig grooves of 4 cm in depth and bring in them medicine medvedtoks-U (300 grams on 1 hundred part). After that cover chemicals with earth and water. Fenoksin plus - one more medicine intended for fight against medvedka. It is issued in the form of granules. Make pole in manure and fill medicine there. Or place granules in those places where medvedka are noticed. It is desirable to cover granules from birds and pets: even the small dose can be lethal. In few weeks, medicine will be dissolved in the earth from waterings, without doing harm to plants. Kerosene is very effective way of fight against medvedka. Just flood slots medvedok with kerosene solution. Ratio: on 1 liter of water of 100 ml of kerosene. The same way it is possible to use laundry detergent.

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