How to protect wild strawberry plants from diseases after harvesting

How to protect wild strawberry plants from diseases after harvesting

Mistakes in leaving and weather bring the negative points in health of strawberry plantation. By the end of harvesting some beds with wild strawberry have the depressing deplorable appearance. It is visible on leaves. How to help plants to be restored and gain strength by new season?

The crop of berries is reaped and now it is necessary to start immediately sanitary survey of plantation of wild strawberry regarding diseases and damage by wreckers.

The white spottiness of leaves, as a rule, always appears during harvesting of berries. It is promoted by wet weather, the increased humidity and dense landing. On leaves small grayish or brown spots with red rim are formed. At strong defeat they merge, and leaves dry up. In this case it is necessary to remove the fallen-down foliage, to cut off the struck leaves and to bring complex fertilizing.

Fitoftorozny decay (fuzariozny withering) does harm not only to wild strawberry, but also the soil. Plants ""burn down"", fade. Kind of these fungi more artful. Not only elevated part of plants, but also root system gets sick. The rhizome is surprised red-brown decay from within. Not ripened green berries pass into brown state, and become inedible dense or leathery, and decay.

Having found such disease, it is necessary to take radical measures. The sick plant with lump of the earth is accurately dug out and taken out out of borders of the garden site, the garden stock is washed out. The soil hole at the same time is disinfected by cupriferous drug, or chemical means against phytophthora (Ridomil gold, for example). It is possible to spill several times the earth Fitosporin, to apply such fungicides as Maxim, Vitaros, or to seed calendula, marigold which revitalize the earth, and to crush them late fall and to leave in this place to rot through.

Not to allow spread of this disease it is necessary to destroy sick bushes, to observe crop rotation, not to overfeed nitrogen wild strawberry, in time to carry out thinning and to destroy weeds on strawberry beds. It is better not to dig over the soil, and to mulch. Mustache from the struck plants cannot be taken.

Gray decay causes to harvest essential damage, especially at the increased humidity and dense landing. Disputes of fungal decay are carried by wind and rain on all plantation and not bad perezimovyvat. Therefore fight against ""down"" is carried out every season. As a rule, rotten berries remove along with harvesting in separate capacity and dig in, to throw out them in compost inadmissibly. After harvesting leaves it is better to cut off and process bushes of wild strawberry and the earth solution of Bordossky liquid around. Introduction and dusting of plants wood ashes are effective.

The web tick adds chagrin to hot dry summer. Especially grades, unstable to tick, suffer. Leaves badly develop, the bush becomes ""crumpled"" and such plants need to be processed insecticide. Well sulfur against pincers helps. Processing by one of medicines, for example, Carbophos (Fufanon) against strawberry weevil, listoyed will be also appropriate.

After gathering berries to the middle of August it is necessary to feed up wild strawberry complex fertilizers as a part of which have to be nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sulfur.

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