How to provide fast warming up of the country house in the winter

How to provide fast warming up of the country house in the winter

If at the dacha there is house quite suitable for year-round accommodation, many summer residents try to arrive also in the winter there to have a rest day - another outdoors. The only problem – how quickly to warm up housing in which on weeks happens nobody, at subzero temperature? But also it is possible to cope with this complexity.

If at the dacha to arrange everything taking into account features of the room, the problem of fast warming up will stop being that.

The country houses which are warmed up regularly

Houses in which live constantly significantly differ from to what owners come few times in month. Very few people want to spend half of weekend behind warming up of housing, and then to gather and leave the warm house.

At permanent residence in the house it is important that its walls cooled down outside as little as possible. It is influenced by both thickness of walls, and their material, and availability of heat-insulating layer. High-quality protection will provide the warm and comfortable atmosphere in housing even in severe colds.

If the house is not heated regularly, walls will freeze through. In this case short-term warmings up of any intensity are simply harmful. Material of walls during the narrowings and expansions which inevitably happen because of alternation of temperatures gradually becomes useless and collapses.

As it is correct to warm giving

One more way of providing in housing of heat – arrangement of thermal insulation from within the house. It is suitable for constructions which are seldom visited by owners in cold season. Such method of arrangement of warming gives bigger effect – at warming up of the house it is not necessary to spend resources for warming of walls. Heat in this case is reflected and remains inside, and frozen walls do not cool space which the owners who have arrived to spend weekend in the quiet and peaceful place try to warm.

To make such thermal insulation, on inside face of walls mount framework and arrange layer of thermal insulation material. From the room place paroizolyatsionny film – it will protect heater from wet vapor and will keep its working properties. This stage is especially important if the house is built from the "not breathing" material. It is worth leaving air gap for airing between layers of finishing interior finish and vapor barrier. So moisture will not collect in space between layers.

How to enhance efficiency of warming up

It is very important to select ways of heating correctly. For warming up of the house which owners almost do not attend during cold weather the installation of the water batteries on all housing connected to the heating device is considered quite good option. Then they will immediately heat up after the furnace or fireplace is kindled. Also the system with use of boiler, pig-iron heaters is not less effective.

If the condition of sockets and electric equipment allows, it is better to establish infrared heaters, fan heaters or convectors – they are capable to warm up indoor air for short term.

Before beginning to warm up the cooled-down house, it is worth using such reception: open windows approximately for 10 minutes irrespective of by what mark mercury in the street thermometer has fallen. Then close windows and begin warming up. It helps to accelerate heating process. 

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