How to pump freon

How to pump freon

Practically all owners of conditioners and fridges face sooner or later need to resupply freon. Leak of this coolant happens for cause of infringement of tightness of contour in which it circulates.


1. Natural annual norm of loss of freon in the conditioner – no more than 7%. To support the conditioner in working order, it needs to be refueled every one and a half-two years. Otherwise the deficiency of freon can lead to overheating of the compressor. Characteristic signs of it are on nipple connections hoarfrost or ice is formed.

2. For establishment of the exact place of leak use the special device – the leak detector. At leak detection color of the instrument display will change from green on red and the acoustic signal will work. For freon of the R-134a brand. First of all you should remove air and water from system. For this purpose you should use the vacuum pump. However if in system freon remained to do vakkumization optional.

3. Then you have to measure the necessary portion of freon. This operation is implemented by two ways: the cylinder with freon can be weighed on electronic scales, or to place it in measured flask. According to experts the second way is more practical and convenient. The necessary amount of gas is measured on measured scale in grams.

4. You open the crane, and freon begins to come to system. Process of intake of gas in system stops as soon as pressure in both tanks is leveled. But this quantity is not enough. To download missing portion in system you should heat the gas which has remained in flask by means of special heating coil then the heated pressurized gas will fill system.

5. You can make filling with one more way – at the switched-on compressor through port of the return highway. In this case the compressor itself will suck in freon. On some models of conditioners the viewing peephole for control of process of gas station is provided. If there is such need, then together with freon through special injector you can fill in oil or ultra-violet dye in system.

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