How to purify air from dust

How to purify air from dust

In year in the apartment can collect about 8 grams of house dust on each square meter that generates array of problems with health. Such dust is very strong allergen. Besides, dust contains set of the substances harmful to organism: bacteria, pollen, mold fungi and disputes, allocations of dust tick.

It is required to you

  • The multipurpose air purifier, the vacuum cleaner with the multistage system of filtration, filters in conditioners and ventilation systems, anti-bactericidal wet towel wipes and rags from microfiber


1. Air all rooms in the house more often, create drafts. Whatever was ecological situation in the city, air always more dusty indoors, than on the street. Unfortunately, in the big industrial cities the dust content of air in apartments meets more often.

2. Use the effective vacuum cleaner. Upon purchase of the vacuum cleaner pay attention to suction power. It will be more preferable to buy the vacuum cleaner with replaceable dust collector. It is proved that they can detain better small particles. The efficiency of fine filters which purify air at the exit from the vacuum cleaner is also important. The smallest parts, microorganisms and allergens are late. HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) and also filters of S-class are capable to purify air not only from dust, but also and almost from all allergens. These types of filters are used in medical laboratories as there increased requirements to purity are imposed. After use of the vacuum cleaner it is necessary to wipe floors with damp rag as in air there can be about 30% of dust (depending on quality of the vacuum cleaner).

3. Change bed linen, at least once a week more often. It will reduce amount of dust in the bedroom. It is possible to replace feather pillows with pillows from sintepon. Change them every year. Damp cleaning is necessary too, do not forget to wash the floors under sofas and beds. Consider that a lot of dust accumulates under furniture. At damp cleaning it is recommended to use rags from microfiber instead of normal. You can buy such rags and also wet towel wipes with anti-bactericidal effect in any shop of goods for life. Try to sweep with broom as seldom as possible since at such cleaning the most part of dust is kicked up in air, settles on shelves and other surfaces, gets into airways.

4. Buy the high-quality air cleaner. This multipurpose device is capable to clean, revitalize and disinfect air. It is better to buy the modern air purifier equipped with the ionizer. The multistage system of filtration will make air in your apartment clean and saturated with negatively charged aeroions.

5. If you suffer from allergy, you need to protect yourself from house dust. Otherwise in several years the risk of appearance of disease under the name bronchial asthma will appear. For allergic persons there are special air cleaners.

6. Special filters in conditioners and also in ventilation systems will help to clean and moisten air to you. Filters in vent systems make purification of external air which comes to the room, from dust and pollution.

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