How to purify air from pollution

How to purify air from pollution

Purity of air in the apartment is good health and mood. But for this purpose not only not only elimination of smells, but also prevention of emergence of dust is required. To purify air from pollution, it is necessary to make not much efforts.


1. First, make everything that to prevent air pollution. It is necessary to take care of purity of floor. If on floor there are no polluting particles and dust, then and air will become better at once. Only one vacuum cleaner you will not manage here – damp cleaning is necessary. Do it not by traditional rag, and by means of the professional cleaning equipment, for example, of mop. It is good to use the professional cleaning substances which are used in medicine when cleaning. Only in work with such substances it is necessary to observe all instructions very carefully.

2. If to instructions it is written: to work with substance in gloves, and work, otherwise skin can suffer. Also you dissolve substance in water not approximately, and carefully measuring the necessary quantity of means. After putting such substance on floor or surfaces it is necessary to wait certain time that pathogenic agents have been killed. Of course, such solutions cannot be used during the work with parquet or velvet. You should not carry out such cleaning more often than once a week – otherwise it is possible to create "hothouse conditions" for the immune system because of which you will be ill more often. These means are intended generally for hospitals where people need special protection against pathogenic bacteria.

3. Secondly, air rooms at least on half an hour twice a day. Sounds it is old-fashioned, but works smoothly. If windows come to the busy street, it is necessary to air early in the morning or late at night when the movement on the street is less. Air has to change, without it will not make it clean.

4. Thirdly, get houses such plants as ficus, the Chinese rose, violet, and chlorophytum. They will allow not only to purify air, but also to moisten it.

5. Fourthly, investigate possibilities of air cleaners which are available on sale. Many of them include ionizers which do house microclimate comfortable and useful to health. If you use the conditioner, take care of timely cleaning of the filter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team