How to purify fabric from glue

How to purify fabric from glue

As it becomes a pity when trying to repair something by means of glue, you smear favourite clothes. The similar situation can occur in families in which there are small children who aim to soil everything around. You should not be upset at once – it is possible to remove glue spots from clothes. It will be much better if you have noticed it at once, and the spot has not managed to dry finally. So, we will walk on types of glue and ways of its removal from favourite clothes.


1. PVA: it is necessary to wash off clothes in warm water or to use vodka and vinegar which are put by means of ordinary rag.

2. Water glass cement: in this case you will be helped by washing with soap solution with addition 1 of teaspoon of ordinary soda (water has to be hotter).

3. Super glue: depending on fabric type, it is possible to use acetone (can damage delicate things) or hot water with addition of 1 tablespoon of vinegar (on glass of liquid).

4. Glue "Moment": just left spots easily are removed by means of gasoline. If spot already quite old, it is possible to try to remove it by special means which dissolve paint. If it has not saved your favourite clothes, most likely, it should be thrown out.

5. Office glue: rather ordinary washing in cold water.

6. Rubber glue: for this case in shop it is possible to buy special Minute paste.

7. Casein glue: such type of glue is removed soaking in warm glycerin then it is necessary to wash favourite thing in water with ammonia solution (2 hours later). And here from denim of spot of glue it is better to delete with gasoline.

8. Joiner's glue: the fresh spot of such glue is deleted with washing in hot water after 5-hour stay in basin from cold. And here old spots dip into warm water. After a while glue razmokat, and it can be cleaned off ordinary coin or something similar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team