How to purify gold from iodine

How to purify gold from iodine

It is no secret that over time even the flickering golden necklace grows dull and becomes covered by raid. Any jewel demands thorough leaving, especially if pollution of metal has happened chemicals. Iodic solution - one of them, but also against dark stains on gold is the receptions.


1. Unintentionally scattered iodine droplet on gold jewelry surely will leave behind dark stain. It is necessary to approach removal of such spots carefully not to damage top layer of ornament. Simple cleaning by soap solution as at raid or pollution, in this case will not approach – special means are necessary.

2. The most effective way at fight against iodic spots is hyposulphite. Hyposulphite can be bought in pharmacy. Before it sold in photographic supplies stores as hyposulphite is fixer. Application it will not cause work: part tablespoon of hyposulphite in glass of water and in the received solution for half an hour lower gold product. After time wash ornament with water and wipe with flannel rag. Gold will shine, as before. If the result has not met expectation, then add more hyposulphite to water or you keep gold in solution longer. This way is quite effective in fight against iodine as iodine not just remains on surface, and reacts with gold.

3. There is one more way which was applied more than one hundred years ago. To remove iodic spots, mix in water liter 20 g of chloride natr, 80 g of belilny lime, 70 g of bicarbonate soda. It is necessary to warm up this solution a little, and then to put there gold jewelry. As soon as spots descend, wash gold with water, and then wipe with fabric with alcohol and dry up.

4. Other ways of cleaning of gold jewelry will add only gloss, but will not eliminate spots. Try to avoid hit on your gold jewelry of various chemicals and in time to eliminate spots. You watch that on surface the raid was not formed. Then your jewelry later will look many years so as if have just been bought in jewelry salon.

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