How to purify natural water

How to purify natural water

Natural water occupies 3/4 land surfaces, in the depths of the earth there are also natural sources. To purify water from suspensions and impurity, it needs to be filtered through porous substances. Commercially filtration is made in cleaning constructions.

  • - filter;
  • - plastic bottles;
  • - capacity;
  • - haydite;
  • - activated carbon;
  • - the burned clay.

1. The clearest natural water is thawed and rain, but if the rain goes in city conditions where there is smog, then water turns out with even more harmful impurity, than natural of reservoirs. The same treats melt water if it flows down from city streets.

2. The way of cleaning by means of freezing and defrosting can be applied in house conditions. For this purpose pour water in plastic bottle, freeze on 1/3. All not frozen water contains salts of heavy metals and harmful impurity therefore merge it. The frozen part will be clear water, but this way does not guarantee that in it there will be no microorganisms.

3. To avoid availability of microorganisms miss water via the threefold filter of deep cleaning, boil, pour in bottles, freeze, drain the remained third of water. You receive ideally clear water without impurity and microorganisms.

4. Or it is not in field conditions where it is impossible to use the filter just, boil water within 1 hour, let it stand within a day in open capacity, pour in net capacity, without shaking up deposit where all impurity and salts of heavy metals have dropped out. Boiling helps to destroy all microorganisms. As a result you will be able to use water and to cook on it food.

5. Instead of the filter it is also possible to use haydite, activated carbon and the burned clay which filter water, doing not pass suspension and salt of heavy metals, but microbes and bacteria do not kill therefore water all the same is subject to boiling.

6. Water treatment does not provide boiling in industrial conditions therefore it is chlorinated. On one ton of potable water 0.7 g of chlorine are used. Chlorine causes allergies and asthma in some, they are recommended not to drink water from under the crane, and to use filters of threefold or double cleaning. After cleaning it is optional to boil water as chlorine kills all known bacteria and microorganisms.

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