How to purify tiled glue

How to purify tiled glue

During laying on tile there can be traces from tiled glue. If such trouble has already occurred, try to wash away pollution at once. The dried-up tiled glue difficult gives in to cleaning.

It is required to you

  • Construction grater, cleaning agent, brush, construction liquid of concoction, vinegar, the palette, means for concrete washing off.


1. Remove the dried-up tiled glue with special construction grater. During process try to hold the tool at right angle to cleaned surface. Carry out movements on diagonal not to damage intertiled seams. When finish, start the next stage of cleaning.

2. In basin pour warm water, you can add small amount of cleaning agent for tile. Take brush or foam sponge and moisten in the received solution. Carefully wipe surface from residues of tiled glue, making circular motions. Then absolutely wash up floor clear water.

3. Use the construction concentrated liquid which will help to purify tiled glue. Dissolve it in water, according to the attached instruction. Apply on the soiled sites and wait some time. Then wipe surface with damp rag or foam sponge. Try that means did not get on intertiled seams.

4. Purify the dried-up tiled glue by means of stopping knife. Gradually scrape off pollution from tile. Be extremely careful accidentally not to damage the cleaned surface. When completely remove tiled glue, wipe tile with the clean rag, the wetted in water with cleaning agent.

5. Except above-mentioned ways, it is possible to remove tiled glue with vinegar. Accurately wipe tile with the foam sponge or rag, the wetted in means. Try not to rub strongly unintentionally not to spoil surface — on tile scratches can be formed.

6. If you have noticed residues of tiled glue after have removed old tile, use special means for concrete washing off. Before using this medicine, attentively read the attached instruction or consult to the seller.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team