How to put ageratum in seeds

How to put ageratum in seeds

Ageratum represents ornamental plant. Usually it is put in beds on the house adjoining site. With its help it is possible to create amazing decorative registration which will please up to fall.

It is required to you

  • - seeds;
  • - boxes for seedling;
  • - peat;
  • - humus;
  • - sand;
  • - mineral fertilizers;
  • - pots;
  • - gauze;
  • - chopper;
  • - shovel.


1. Crops of seeds of ageratum are made at the end of March. But as this plant is thermophilic, to the open ground it is impossible to carry out planting of seeds. All of them will die. Therefore it is necessary to do it in boxes for seedling. Take them in necessary quantity and fill with fertile substrate. He from humus, peat and sand prepares. All these components undertake in identical proportions.

2. Carry out crops of seeds. Dig out chopper small holes (depth no more than 1.5) in boxes with substrate. Decompose in them on several seeds, and then powder with small amount of the earth and cover it is abundant the humidified gauze. If to put them it is deep, then will ascend ageratum long enough. Its seeds very small. Besides, there is risk only of their partial germination.

3. You watch seeds of ageratum carefully. You make their regular moistening. It is required it is abundant to sprinkle the soil, and then it is obligatory to cover it with gauze. Only then greenhouse effect will be provided. At the same time it is required to hold boxes with ageratumy indoors at temperature not lower than 15 wasps.

4. At the correct leaving the seeds ascend in 7-10 days. It is necessary to wait after that when on plants about 2 leaflets appear, then it is possible to start sword-play. It is necessary to prepare pots with torfoperegnoyny mix and in them to land on one sapling, and then to water. Then continue regular leaving for ageratumy before end of spring frosts.

5. Begin to carry out planting of seedling to the open ground. Make for it superficial poles. The distance from each other has to make about 20 cm. The most acceptable places for disembarkation of ageratum are the open areas where a lot of sun gets. Then make moistening of the soil and leave saplings to be accepted. It is required to carry out their watering regularly. Besides, every two weeks you make fertilizing of ageratum mineral fertilizers. Then this ornamental plant early will begin to blossom, but will please at the same time with the beauty throughout long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team