How to put and grow up grapes

How to put and grow up grapes

Grapes are planted in the spring, at the end of April - the beginning of May. Saplings can be bought just before landing, and it is possible to cut in the fall shanks and till spring to leave them in winter storage.

Preparation for landing

If grapes are planted by shanks, they need to be couched previously. For this purpose, having got from winter storage, shanks ret in growth factor. Cuts before soaking need to be updated. Then fill the sawdust disinfected by boiled water or nutritious mix in high capacity, put in it shanks and hold up to two weeks, in growth the upper kidneys will not start yet.

Landing holes under shanks and the sprouted saplings do by width, long and 1 m in depth. On bottom of each hole fill fertilizers: 300 g of sulfate of potassium and 400 g of superphosphate (it can be replaced with three liters of ashes). Then humus – two buckets on one hole is filled. Further there are two buckets of sand and as much the chernozem. Everything mixes up pitchfork and in hole five buckets of water are filled in.

Landing and leaving in the first year

Roots of saplings or shanks are dipped in the clay and humous talker and grapes lands in hole which is filled up with the chernozem and mulch. Not filled up is layer in 30 cm. Sand and mulch will be added to it in the fall to protect sapling roots from frost. Grape saplings need to be protected from spring frosts, having covered with film. When saplings go to growth, leave two strong escapes, the others break out. At the beginning of August of top of green escapes prishchipyvatsya to suspend their growth and to direct sapling forces to ripening of rod before the winter period. It is necessary to water grapes all season, every two weeks. Since July it is necessary to give potassium-phosphorus fertilizing. In October the cutting of grapes is carried out. If the rod has one escape – from below from roots leave 5 kidneys. If two – kidneys it is enough to leave on three on everyone, to cut off the rest. Later half-month after cutting, grapes are filled up with layer of sand, mulch and covered for the winter till next year.

Leaving for the second year

In the middle of April of the next year the winter shelter is removed and the sapling is covered with film again until air temperature rises up to 20 wasps. Then on saplings break off the upper kidneys if they have started in growth. On one liana there have to be 4 escapes, on two – on 2 on everyone. This year, grapes need to be tied up and given it support. Leaving is similar to the first year – fertilizing, watering. In August, tops prishchipyvatsya again, and in October the cutting is made. For winter of rod act from support, bend down to the earth and are covered with ukryvny material. Rods of two-year sapling have to be the sclerotic. The next year it is possible to expect the first brushes of harvest on grapevine.

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