How to put anturium

How to put anturium

Anturiums – very gentle and whimsical plants demanding thorough everyday leaving. It is necessary to replace them at least once a year. It is impossible to assume that the plant has occupied all space of pot and roots have fallen into the constrained state. When landing young anturiums it is necessary to pick up correctly not only pot, but also the soil.


1. Prepare soil mix. For this purpose take 2 parts of humus, one part of the rough, unscreened fibrous earth, one part of peat and ½ parts of sand. Surely add to soil mix rough fraction, for example, small pieces of beaten brick, wood charcoal, dry mullein or the polyfoam cut on small parts. The number of this fraction improving physical properties of mix (water permeability and air permeability) has to be not less than 10 percent from the total amount of the soil.

2. Check rn the paved way. It has to be subacidic.

3. For landing of young anturiums use the low, but wide pots having diameter about 7-9 centimeters. Plant adult plants in pots of the bigger size (diameter of 20-30 centimeters). Choose the pots made of plastic, but not of ceramics. It will help to maintain soil temperature at the constant level, i.e. it will always equal to air temperature in the room. Then anturiums will blossom long and magnificently.

4. On bottom of pots put drainage layer 3 centimeters thick. It will provide access of air to fragile roots of plants.

5. Among the sprouts demanding landing choose only those which have 5-6 leaflets, and carefully lower in the prepared pot. Surely plant plant a little below, than they sat earlier. You watch closely leaves and roots that accidentally not to damage them, they at anturiums very weak and easily break.

6. Fill soil mix around the sprout lowered in pot and slightly condense it. It is not necessary to stamp the earth, otherwise roots will not receive enough air and the anturium will die.

7. Place the planted plant in the warm place protected from cold drafts and regularly water with soft water, surely room temperature. Periodically also spray anturiums, and at bright sun shade them.

8. If plant rather high, then tie up it to support. Otherwise it can break or be turned out from the earth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team