How to put cactus shoot

How to put cactus shoot

Cultivation of such interesting plants as cacti is fascinating occupation for amateur flower growers. Cacti differ in the form, color, the size and blossoming. Sooner or later on adult plant there are children who demand change. As it is correct to put cactus shoots?

It is required to you

  • - pot of the necessary size;
  • - haydite;
  • - garden earth;
  • - coarse bank sand;
  • - the dry crushed leaves.


1. For a start accurately separate children from maternal plant by means of clean and sharp knife. It is necessary to do it extremely carefully that on shoot accidentally there was no part of adult cactus and vice versa. As they can lead to rotting of plant. You make jigging during the period most favorable for this purpose – in the spring, at all not at the end of summer.

2. After safe office dry the child, it is recommended to do it in the dark and cool place for five-ten days. When the cut carefully dries up, start rooting. But before prepare favorable substrate.

3. Cacti are quite exacting to pot in which they will grow. The size has to correspond to the root system of plant completely. Take small capacity (clay or plastic, all the same), children in the diameter are couple centimeters more. At absence at the bottom of pot of drainage holes, do them by means of the pricker heated over fire. Otherwise the water which has stood in roots can lead to their rotting.

4. For drawing up the soil favorable for cultivation of cacti, mix the garden earth, coarse bank sand and the dry crushed leaves in equal proportions. Lay layer of haydite or small pebble on bottom of pot, it will play drainage role. Then fill pot to side edge with the prepared substrate and stamp a little.

5. By means of the handle make opening in the center of the earth and put in it the separated child, strongly do not deepen. From above soil fill up small layer stone, thereby you will create environment and protect root neck.

6. Put pot with cactus for couple of days in tenek, let's it get used to the new habitat. It is necessary to make the first watering week later after landing and small amount of the settled water. Remember, cactus – desert plant, for it moisture in large numbers is pernicious.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team