How to put calla

How to put calla

"Calla", "the Nile lily", "richardiya" - all this names of calla, fine flower from South Africa. This quite whimsical bulbous plant which requires from the flower grower special attention to itself. It is necessary to put correctly calla and to watch closely it. You can decorate with the blossoming beauty on long thick stalk both house interior, and the garden site.

It is required to you

  • Tubers or escapes of calla
  • Cespitose earth
  • Sand
  • Peat
  • Humus
  • Small reservoir
  • Capacious pots or containers
  • Towel
  • Fabric from cotton
  • Growth factor like Epin
  • Nutritious solution for callas
  • Substrate: moss, peat (sand), haydite
  • The crushed wood charcoal


1. Buy calla tubers in February – March. They have to be rather large, without wrinkles. Do not use faded bulbs. Wrap the selected tubers in towel and you store them in the fridge (in vegetable tray). In the middle of April awaken tubers. For this purpose moisten clean cotton cloth with growth factor (for example, Epin) and wrap in it tubers. Let's them lie down 2 days in the dark. When backs begin to appear, put calla tubers in small flowerpot on depth about 5 cm. Press them to soil, but from above do not condense the earth! By the beginning of summer you will have calla sprout.

2. Separate side escapes of calla at the end of July and replace them in wide pot. It is so possible to prepare shanks for the subsequent their change to the open ground (if you already have maternal plant). Prepare the soil for landing of the offspring from the cespitose earth (2 parts) and (by 1 part) peat, sand and humus. It is abundant water young escape.

3. Land tuberous calla on the street in June when the possibility of frosts is excluded. Carefully choose the place for landing. Callas love damp places, coast of reservoirs (at least stream). The good place for them – in half-shade under trees or near reed, bush. Many summer residents just transfer calla from the city apartment to country terrace in containers.

4. Buy in flower shop or greenhouse special nutritious solution for ornamental plants. They need to water the calla put to the open ground of times go two in week. The mixes containing superphosphate, potash saltpeter, sulfate copper, boric acid and some other components are suitable for these plants. At flower growers they are known as Abele's solutions, Pryanishnikova, the Knot, etc.

5. Water calla with this liquid fertilizer, having put as substrate layers: moss; sand or peat; haydite. When processing plant nutritious mix substrate is necessary as it helps to remove surplus of fertilizer. You watch that under calla the salt crust was not formed, water it with clear water more often.

6. Dig out calla before frosts. Wash out tubers, carefully dry up them and put in the dry dark placement on 2 weeks. Then separate leaves and roots. Tubers - "children" have to remain on maternal bulb. Pour tubers the wood charcoal istolchenny into powder. You store them in cellar, the fridge or on loggia.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team