How to put celery

How to put celery

The celery is famous for the spicy aroma and useful properties. Seldom what summer resident or the gardener does not grow up celery on the site. There are only three of its views – sheet, petiolar and root. At each species of plant the vegetative period and, respectively, different agrotechnology of cultivation.


1. The longest period of maturing at root celery. At normal landing in soil he will not manage to grow and ripen. Therefore it can be grown up only with preliminary crops. It is necessary to sow in February.

2. Fill boxes with fertile soil. Well water it. Make grooves of 1-1.5 cm in depth. Spread out in them seeds at distance of 2-3 cm. Accurately water that did not cover seeds with earth and has not got moving forward. It is not necessary to powder seeds with the earth. Deliver box to the sun and support the soil in damp state to shoots. There will ascend seeds in 15-20 days. For acceleration of shoots it is possible to seed previously wetted seeds.

3. After the threat of frost passed plant plants to the open ground at the rate of 6 plants on 1 sq.m. As well as at cabbage, do not fill up growth point. The first three days water plants 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

4. Weed weeds, you make loosening and fertilizing by mineral fertilizers.

5. It is necessary to make harvesting at the end of September or at the beginning of October to the first frosts.

6. You store celery in the lower box of the fridge or in cellar in cellophane bags. Do not tie bags. At temperature of 1-2 degrees the root crops are stored all winter.

7. Sow sheet and petiolar celery in soil at the end of April at once.

8. You make landing on well lit fertile soils.

9. Leaving consists in watering, loosening and fertilizing by mineral fertilizers.

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