How to put coniferous breeds of trees on the site

Coniferous plants like cypress and juniper are quite often used by landscape designers for creation of green hedges or separate green groups. Variety of decorative grades of pines and fir-trees allows these trees to be effective jewelry of large rock gardens and gardens in the Japanese style. As planting stock at cultivation of decorative versions coniferous it is the best of all to use four-year or five-year saplings.

It is required to you

  • - planting stock;
  • - drainage;
  • - peat;
  • - sand;
  • - sheet earth;
  • - cespitose earth;
  • - complex fertilizer;
  • - the mulching material.


1. Saplings coniferous, even having the closed root system, it is not recommended to keep long in temporary containers, and therefore plan acquisition of planting stock for spring. It will give the chance to the decorative tree planted on the constant place at the beginning of garden season to take root and get stronger before the onset of cold weather. The end of April or the first of May will be quite good time for spring landing.

2. Choose the site for coniferous plant. Types of pine and juniper will need well lit place on sandy loams. Thuja, fir and fir-tree will not suffer on slightly shaded site if to choose for them the soil moderately damp, rich with humus.

3. Dig out landing hole for plant. The amount of deepening at the same time has to exceed dimensions of soil lump of sapling twice. As a rule, for large plants the hole about 70 centimeters in depth and with a diameter about a meter is necessary. On bottom of deepening fill drainage layer 15 centimeters thick. In this quality it is possible to use beaten brick.

4. Mix nutritious structure from part of peat, part of sand, two parts of the sheet earth and the same quantity of cespitose. Add 100 grams of nitroammofoska to the prepared soil. If you plant fir, include sawdust in mix.

5. Fill up part of nutritious mix in landing hole so that the level at which there is earth in temporary container coincided with ground level around hole. Take sapling from capacity, without damaging roots. If you have bought coniferous plant with the roots packed into burlap untie the fixing bandage on it. Place sapling in hole and fill up with nutritious mix intervals between earth lump and walls of hole. In the course of addition of nutritious mix stamp it.

6. Make the earth roller about 10 centimeters high around the filled hole. This simple construction will help to keep water when watering. Well humidify the earth in pristvolny circle and strew it with peat mulch or bark layer of 5 centimeters. If there is dry sunny weather, shade plant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team