How to put counters on water

How to put counters on water

As the modern decision for economy and accounting of consumption of resources serves installation of metering devices (counters). Rules of installation are strictly regulated by the law. Counters are installed depending on quantity of struts, as a rule in apartments install two counters, on cold and hot water. In apartments with the geyser install only one metering device.

1. To submit the application to management company. Also independent installation is allowed to choose the organization which will be engaged in installation of devices.

2. If the organization establishes, then it is necessary to agree about time to which the expert has to come to make necessary assessment to technical condition of the pipeline.

3. In managing organization to receive the made scheme of heating and water supply of your apartment with the indication of exact installation site of metering devices.

4. To buy counters and consumables to them. It is possible to use services of the establishing organization, having paid with it the cost of devices.

5. After installation of counters to invite the expert from managing organization who will make sealing of counters and will draw up the statement of acceptance of the metering device in triplicate.

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