How to put cyclamen

How to put cyclamen

The cyclamen is krasivotsvetushchy houseplant which homeland is the Mediterranean. Its flowers have the most various coloring: white, pink, yellow, red, violet. Abundant and long blossoming. At good leaving grows within several years, and blossoming becomes more and more abundant.

1. Make multiple copies cyclamen Persian seeds. Besides, the plant which is grown up from seeds very well adapts to microclimate of the room and grows stronger and healthy. Before their landing prepare pochvosmes from the sheet earth and peat in equal parts. On bottom of pot put drainage from gravel or haydite. Kill Semyon in warm water or growth factor, for example, to the epena for day.

2. Spread out seeds on the surface of soil. Powder them with earth layer in one centimeter and water. From above cover with black film and put pot to the warm place. Periodically slightly open film for airing, support the soil in damp state.

3. The first shoots will appear approximately in month or one and a half therefore have patience. After there is the first leaf, seedlings to raspikiruyta in separate tanks. Further look after as adult plant, water and feed up.

4. It is possible to receive seeds and in house conditions. For this purpose the blossoming plant needs to be pollinated. Do it in January. Click middle finger several times on peduncle. Pollen will pour out and there will be fertilization. Experienced flower growers for pollination also use match by means of which they carefully shake pollen from several flowers to themselves on nail and dip pestle in pollen on nail, it has to stick to snout. You carry out such pollination daily within week. The impregnated flowers will fade, and in few weeks the box with seeds will appear.

5. European it is better to make multiple copies cyclamen by means of side tubers. Take out plant from pot in the spring, shake the earth and wash out. Clean knife separate side klubenk.

6. Put tuber superficially to the damp soil, and do not cover it with earth completely, and only on third or half. At such way growth of buds becomes more active. If you want to accelerate emergence of new leaves, then fill up tuber completely, but after leaves appear, replace it once again, without filling up completely with soil.

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