How to put dahlias

How to put dahlias

It is better to take dahlias from winter storage at the beginning of April. Then, it is necessary to prepare tubers for further division. For this purpose put them in earth trench and cover it with polyethylene film which ends powder with the earth.

It is required to you

  • - small wood charcoal
  • - box with fertile soil, peat, sawdust
  • - weak solution of potassium permanganate
  • - compost or humus
  • - complex fertilizers


1. Before putting dahlias to the open ground, it is necessary to prepare at the beginning of May them for landing. For this purpose clean tubers from the dried-out small backs, and powder cuts with small wood charcoal and put tubers in box with fertile soil, peat, sawdust or others, the substrates containing moisture. Put boxes on well lit windowsill. Temperature condition needs to be observed within 18-23? Page.

2. Approximately in 15 days make division of tubers, for this purpose at emergence of the first sprouts dig out tuber and wash out under water jet. By means of sharp knife cut so roots that on tuber with neck there were several sprouts.

3. Before disembarkation couch dahlia to the open ground, the separated tubers in boxes with cells or pots, at the same time do not fill up the basis of sprouts, and leave at the surface, new tubers will develop only in that case.

4. Before landing process the divided tubers dahlia in weak solution of potassium permanganate.

5. It is necessary to put dahlias in the prepared deep holes, diameter in two bayonets of shovel (35-40 cm) depth in one bayonet (25-30th).

6. Fill with compost or humus the dug-out hole. It is also possible to use complex fertilizers which are added in number of 50 g on one hole. Carefully mix fertilizers with small amount of the dug-out earth.

7. Put tuber with sprout in hole and powder with the earth so that the place of attachment of neck of tuber to sprout under soil layer not less than 4 cm thick Earth needed to be filled up so that the superficial hole has turned out. Dahlias do not need additional watering if the earth a little damp.

8. In case at the time of division of root the leaflets from sprouts have been thrown out – water the put tuber, otherwise after operation the leaflets can wither.

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