How to put decorative putty

How to put decorative putty

The decorative putty is worthy alternative to paint, wall-paper or ceramic tile. Putting this unique material will allow to turn walls into the work of art, having given them type of the cracked porcelain, shabby stone, tree or skin.

It is required to you

  • - drill
  • - screw
  • - structural roller
  • - palette
  • - plastic grater


1. Prepare wall surface for drawing decorative layer. Clean it from old finish coat. Strengthen wall by drawing on all surface of acrylic primer. This solution will fill with itself microcracks and will create layer which will protect from moisture and mold growth between the basis and decorative coat.

2. The putty can be on sale in bucket where it contains already in finished form. If it is in paper bag in the form of dry mix, prepare solution, in accuracy following the instruction on packing. Carefully mix putty within 1 – 2 minutes. If it is necessary, add color.

3. For careful hashing of decorative putty use power drill. Install on it the special screw and turn on the electric tool on low turns. Consider that strong impact of blades of the screw on grain can break form, structure and the size of stone, having been reflected in surface texture.

4. Take grater or the corrosion-proof palette and you apply with uniform motions mix on wall, moving from below up and leveling it. Right after drawing putty start creation of structure of covering.

5. Easy forward or rotational motions by plastic grater structure putty. According to the made movements the surface will get circular or direct furrows.

6. For creation of effect of the wall "scratched" by grooves use fine-grained putty with addition of natural stone or coarse grain. After its drawing walk on surface the impressive roller. You apply coarse-grained plaster with spatula, carrying out circular motions that finishing reminded internal surfaces of exotic calcareous grotto.

7. Leave surface for drying for 24 hours. If you want to protect in addition covering, apply special varnish on walls. At the same time natural gloss of stone will grow dull, but the surface will gain opaque silky gloss. The varnish covering will provide to decorative finishing protection against moisture and, having got into its time, will prevent contact of mineral particles with water when washing walls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team