How to put floor tile

How to put floor tile

The ceramic tile has quite long history does not lose the relevance in the market of construction materials to this day. And it is not surprising as such tile differs in durability, durability, water tightness, simplicity of cleaning. Therefore laying of tile is quite popular type of surface finishing of floor.

It is required to you

  • - glue-cement;
  • - floor tile;
  • - capacity;
  • - water;
  • - toothed palette;
  • - plastic crosses;
  • - construction level;
  • - glass-cutter.


1. For a start check differences of floor by means of construction level. If the plane of floor has big differences, alignment of surface will be required. It is recommended to level floor by means of cement and sand tie. When differences absolutely small also make less than one centimeter, it is not obligatory to do alignment of floor as in the course of laying of tile it is possible to compensate all roughnesses by means of glue-cement. However such task will be exigeant for the beginner therefore it is the best of all to glue tile on ideally plain surface.

2. After the working surface of floor is prepared, removed all dust and dirt, start the process of laying of floor tile. For a start dissolve glue for tile in water. For this purpose in the prepared capacity gather necessary amount of water then fill up glue in the form of dry mix and everything stir by means of drill with nozzle. After that wait 5 minutes while solution finally is not ready.

3. It is recommended to begin to put tile from the most visible corner. If desired to achieve symmetry it is necessary to begin to put tile from the center of the room. To find this center, it is necessary to connect pencil the middle of parallel walls. The center of the room will also be point of intersection. It is possible to apply glue-cement or on tile, or on floor. If floor has plain surface, it is recommended to smear glue on it. It is necessary to cause the small amount of solution sufficient for laying of several tiles.

4. Level glue by means of the toothed palette, at the same time you hold the tool perpendicular to floor surface. Put floor tile on the applied solution then press it by easy effort. Then it is necessary to check horizontal position of the laid tile by means of construction level. Laying of the second tile, etc. is in this way made. Do not forget to check level, it is very important.

5. In order that the sizes of seams were identical, use special plastic crosses which are located between tiles. Also best of all than everything to wash the laid tile from solution at once until glue has dried up. After laying of the whole tiles comes to the end, start cutting of ceramics on necessary pieces by means of the glass-cutter. Then likewise lay these pieces. Day later after laying of tile it is quite possible to go on floor. In conclusion of work take plastic crosses, remove surplus of glue and carefully wash up floor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team