How to put garden cress

How to put garden cress

The garden cress is loved in Europe for the sharp taste adding to dishes special savor. In the east of it it is accepted to blanch, China gives it with sugar. There is garden cress of three types: curly, entire-leaved, sowing. They differ in form of leaves, color (from light to dark), to taste, but all are equally useful.


1. It is possible to grow up garden cress during the whole year. In the winter and in the early spring it can be received, growing up in the room. For this purpose nudzho it is dense to seed seeds in superficial capacity, having slightly powdered with the earth.

2. It is recommended to water it is not really abundant, every other day. The first harvest can be cut off scissors in two weeks. In process of cut the seeds need to be interplanted. It is possible to sow seeds and on damp gauze - it is so much simpler to receive sprouts. They are considered as the most useful and biologically active.

3. In April the seeds of garden cress can be sowed to the open ground. Depth of seal of seeds – about a centimeter. Sow seeds ranks, doing row-spacings in twenty-thirty centimeters.

4. Water it is abundant and is frequent, otherwise quickly there will be floriferous arrow, and leaves will coarsen and will become small. The best harvest of garden cress can be received in August-September.

5. Garden cress it is good to sit down in the neighbourhood with carrots, radish, garden radish and salad. He does not like to grow near beet.

6. The garden cress is tasty and useful, contains large amount of antioxidants, mineral substances and vitamins that well affects organism in general. Use garden cress also for treatment of some diseases.

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