How to put Kamenka

How to put Kamenka

After the bath is built, it is necessary to think of the oven. You can entrust this case to professionals or try to make everything independently. For this purpose it is necessary to stock up with the high-quality tool and construction materials.


1. It is the best of all to do strut pipe square, in one and a half bricks on one party. The fire chamber is recommended to be carried out of three bricks, and width – in 2.5 bricks. Its height has to be no more than 10 bricks. After that you need old pig-iron sink. It is necessary to calcinate and beat off it well the enamel which has remained from above. The opening in sink which is available on tenth row of laying can be closed up piece of iron. If you have on hand sink of big width, then it is necessary to cut off on ninth row under it several bricks. On the topmost row around sink put metal corner. Then the sink can be filled with river pebble and cobble-stone.

2. In such furnace the fire chamber will not have ashpit. In door make several openings. They will promote the best heating of air at floor. If it is necessary, then the fire chamber and wall can be raised a little, at the same time without changing gas flue bottom. Gas from the oven will go through perevalny wall. It needs to be made a little higher than door opening. In the furnace surely there has to be welded tank for water. The furnace of such design will quickly heat up. Stones in pig-iron sink which is established over fire chamber will be heated to high temperature.

3. Special attention should be paid to materials and tools. On 30 rows of the furnace 215 bricks are required. Also for this design the sink, door with opening of 21х25 centimeters, cleaning door, latch of 13х13 centimeters is necessary. Buck for water can use self-made 25х35х25 centimeters. The metal corner will be also necessary.

4. For the furnace it is recommended to use red, well annealed brick. It has to be whole, dense and without cracks. For pipe it is possible to use construction brick as it porous and badly gives heat. At its application there are no soot smudges.

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