How to put mango stone

How to put mango stone

To this day in India the ancient custom is honored: at construction of the house to the base the mango fruit which is symbol of protection and prosperity is put. In India and other Asian countries the fruits of mango are used as component of medicines for stop of bleedings and also improvement of work of brain and strengthening of cardiac muscle. You can grow up mango tree also, having put stone.


1. Choose stone of mature fruit of mango for landing, otherwise it can not sprout. It is necessary to maintain substrate temperature on mark of 22-26 degrees for 2-4 weeks that seeds have sprouted.

2. So, get ripe fruit of mango, take stone from fruit. Then completely clean this stone from pulp. Open firm cover with sharp knife. If the fruit which has completely ripened, cover is removed easily. The seed with the opened cover will sprout much quicker. Process the seed exempted from cover fungicide.

3. Having processed seed, at once plant it in container. If at once you did not manage to put stone for some reason, it can be stored within two months in the container filled with damp sand, sawdust or the earth.

4. The container for landing is necessary not any. It surely has to be with firm bottom. Otherwise the plant root having the rod-like form can be extended on 40-60 cm in length if does not meet barrier on the way. And the root will be longer, the sprout will be shorter.

5. The container needs to be filled with sand and to plant there seed the very narrow end down. It is necessary to make it so that over the soil there was quarter of seed. Now it is only necessary to support necessary temperature condition about which it has been written at the beginning of article. The seed will sprout in one and a half-two weeks. If conditions are more cool, than it is necessary, the seed will sprout in 3-4 weeks. Your sapling will begin to fructify on the fifth or sixth year of life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team