How to put on canopy bed

How to put on canopy bed

The canopy for crib is not only very beautiful and cozy, but also functional accessory. By means of it it is possible to close bed from excess light and even to protect the baby from mosquitoes. It is possible to get canopy in any children's shop or the centers of sale of textile products where they are on sale in sets with soft sides, blanket and small pillow, and it is possible to make also with own hands.


1. To fix canopy on bed, it is necessary to get special support – the holder for it. The support consists of three parts: direct tube, curved tube and loop which the canopy is put on. In set also two fastenings are applied to support.

2. Before starting fixing of canopy, collect support in full length and estimate at what height you would like to fix it. For this purpose insert curved tube into straight line, put on from above loop for canopy and apply support to one of bed boards. Usually the canopy is hung up to one of the long parties of bed – so if necessary you will be able to cover with it all bed completely. If to fix this accessory in headboard, then it will close only part of bed. Having tried on length, fix the lower direct tube on bed by means of fastening, and remove curved tube and loop.

3. Consider loop for canopy – on it there is small elastic band. Remove it to pass loop throughout canopy.

4. Now take canopy and attentively look at its upper part. In it there are two "sleeves" of which and it is necessary to pass loop throughout one. If you pass loop throughout lower of "sleeves", then over canopy the beautiful frill is formed and if you pass throughout top – that the frill will not be. Having passed loop throughout one of canopy "sleeves", fix the ends of loop by elastic band and distribute folds of the top frill. Then insert loop into curved tube, pass the second fastening through its bottom and put on it direct tube. Now strongly delay fastening and straighten canopy floors. The bed curtains for your kid are ready. If all of you have made correctly, then the canopy will strong keep on bed and will not fall down even if the kid will try to pull off it. With canopy the crib will look very elegantly and lovely though some parents consider that it is not necessary to the kid at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team