How to put on windowsill

How to put on windowsill

The lack of the seasonal dacha – it does not matter, always comes to the rescue invention and sharpness. Windowsill – the wonderful front garden for cultivation of greens of a various type and flowers, respectively, previously equipped with special boxes or pots for seedling.


1. Prepare soil. In large supermarkets, the markets and even in normal shops at your choice the huge range of special soil for flower cultivation and vegetable cultures is provided. It is already enriched with necessary components for favorable impact on your plants. If you decide to prepare independently soil for disembarkation, choose the sheet earth, previously mix it with sand and humus (in equal proportions).

2. Crops. Pick up suitable capacity. For example, for vegetable cultures, stop the choice on seedling boxes, it is desirable plastic. On bottom of such box put drainage (sand), and then fill up with soil. Make small deepenings on the soil (1-1.5 cm) and water then it is possible to start crops. Plastic pots with pallet perfectly will be suitable for houseplants. So it will be more convenient to you to look after young plants. Over time, you can replace the grown-up plant in beautiful ceramic pot.

3. Watering. Practically all vegetable cultures, as well as houseplants, are favorable to the damp soil. Therefore always you watch soil, especially during the hot summer period. But you remember, the excess of moisture can do much harm to beauty of your flowers and spoil future harvest.

4. Light. In house conditions it is heavy to provide plants with prosperity of sunlight therefore additional lighting will not prevent. Do not forget about safe distance at installation of lamps of additional lighting, otherwise you risk to burn your plants.

5. Fertilizing. Any vegetable cultures, houseplants need additional feed. Give preference to liquid solutions, they are quicker and easier acquired.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team