How to put peach

How to put peach

The peach has come to us from the South therefore some amateur gardeners are afraid to ruin it frosts. But if you correctly choose sapling, it can transfer even frost to 25-30 degrees. Try to put peach at the dacha. For the third year the young tree will yield the first harvest.

It is required to you

  • 1-2-year sapling of frost-resistant grade
  • Fertilizers
  • Shovel
  • Peg and cord
  • Sawdust or peat


1. Take annual or two-year sapling of peach in special nursery or from familiar gardeners. It is considered that it is the is best of all in conditions midland the high-quality peaches removed in Ukraine take root. They well transfer cold winters.

2. Choose the suitable place for landing of peach.· it loves a lot of light therefore high trees and constructions.· should not be near do not put peach on the earth where less than there was melon field 3 years ago or tomatoes and wild strawberry grew. These cultures often infect the soil with fungi.· on this earth the clover and lucerne should not grow – otherwise the root decay harmful to peach.· is possible the peach does not love boggy places, high-carbonate and solonetzic soil. Best of all – loamy and sandy.

3. Put peach at the beginning of March. If the soil on the site poor, then prepare hole in 1-2 weeks. Put in it organic and mineral fertilizers. For example, as regards prime quality land, humus and sand coarse-grained. Add 0.1 kg of superphosphate.

4. Prepare landing hole according to the gardening standard: 100х100 and 80 cm in depth. In the area where there are winters lower than 25 degrees, it is recommended to put peach of centimeters 5 lower than normal. Carefully loosen with shovel bottom of hole and put couple of buckets of humus, wood ashes. Then hill (about 10 cm) lay out fertile soil.

5. Put peach sapling on the center and carefully spread out all its roots. Having slightly raised, cover plant with earth. Beginning from edges, well stamp the earth. Make hole of the base layer (which is dug out of hole). It has to tower around sapling of centimeters on 20 cm.

6. Hammer two pegs from two parties of peach and tie up sapling cord. Water peach it is very abundant – several buckets of water. All moisture has to be absorbed, but not turn hole into the swamp. Spread out peat or sawdust under peach. This mulching will save sapling from fluctuation of temperatures and will detain moisture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team