How to put primroses

How to put primroses

Bulbous primroses the first are dismissed in garden after cold weather. These small and fragile flowers are not afraid of frosts and are pleasing to the eye.

For all gardeners and fans of flowers the spring is long-awaited time to visit the sites and beds to admire the first boring and flowers. And also, it is a high time to think of landing of new plants in the spring.

Galanthus, or snowdrop. If at you these remarkable flowers which the first wake up after winter cold weather, that time do not grow yet to plan the place where they can be put. For this purpose note those sites where snow descends first of all in your garden. And in July on these places you can already plant bulbs of snowdrops. Bulbs put to the friable soil on depth of 5-7 cm. It is better to plant them groups on 5-6 pieces. Already next spring snowdrops will expand and will occupy all clearing.

Helpful advice: put primroses and bulbs of later flowers nearby or even in one hole. First, it will save the place, and secondly, will provide continuous blossoming.

Erantis, or vesennik winter. Even the name lets know that this flower is capable to blossom as soon as snow goes. Erantis breeds self-sowing therefore in year one-two plants will expand in small glade. It is possible to put erantis also seeds, but in this case it will blossom only for the 2-3rd year.

Helpful advice: for landing choose the checked seeds which suit your climate. It is the best of all to take seeds from adjoining properties, so there will be more chances that they will ascend and will take root.

Crocuses. Crocuses are considered as the most beautiful of all primroses, but, unfortunately, their blossoming is transient. If you want to admire as long as possible glade from crocuses, then plant plants from different high-quality groups. Blossoming in turn, they can continuously blossom 20-30 days. Crocuses are quite unpretentious and hardy. But the soil for them has to be neutral and friable.

Helpful advice: buying bulbs of primroses in the market, surely ask the seller on cultivation conditions for this grade.

Pushkiniya, or ""dwarfish hyacinth"". Pushkiniya from family of lily family, in height reaches 10-13 cm to Pushkiny put in the early fall in the paved and fertilized way. In 1.5-2 months she should be fed up potassium and nitrogen.

Helpful advice: choose bulbs of the average size, firm and strong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team