How to put shell

How to put shell

Garages shells are considered as the most practical. The fact is that they take few place on the site. At assembly it is necessary to prepare seven frames only. They gather on two bases. You can independently perform all work without problems.


1. As the basis of garage the design from boards will act. They have to have thickness more than 5 cm. It is recommended to take boards 20 cm wide. During creation of frame framework it is necessary to apply wooden bar with a section of 4х8 cm. It is possible to fasten separate bars with glue. Connections of elements need strengthening. For this purpose on corners fix plywood or iron kerchiefs.

2. In the basis of frame install hinges. As fixture the bolt or eye which is made of strip steel well approaches. Through corners of framework stretch good cord. It will promote increase in stability of construction. As covering for garage use tarpaulin or any strong fabric which is used in tailoring of tents or tents for trucks.

3. Such garage on the design bears to "shell" a strong resemblance, for as has received such name. It can easily be put to wall. The size is determined according to the car sizes. Pay special attention to calculation of parameters of folding frames. Walls of garage should not concern the car.

4. As frames for such garage steel and dural pipes can be used. At assembly record them with metal guides. Link wooden yards which are applied to assembly of frames bolts from brass. You can apply casein glue also. Record the first frame on wall screws or dowels. Consider, openings have to be in bricks, but not in wall seams. Heads of screws have to roll in rail. Surely process drying oil all wooden elements and paint them.

5. That the framework reliably kept, miss strong cord on corners. For dense closing of garage from below of frames establish fixers. Now you have ready garage in which you can put the car at any time. If it is necessary, then it is possible to collect and move it to other place of the site quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team