How to put the baked shadows

How to put the baked shadows

baked eye shadow combines all advantages of the pressed and friable analogs. Their main difference – long-term fixing on skin, gentle and soft texture, interesting gloss and protection against action of ultraviolet.


  1. Prepare eyelids by drawing basis under make-up – it can be powder or cream which will prepare eyelid skin. You apply base only on the clean eyelids which are previously moistened with soft nutritious cream or gel. The powdery base can be caused with fingers, and distribute cream by means of thin brush.
  2. Choose way of drawing the baked shadows – you can use the dry or damp applicator. In the first case of shadow will lay down softly and thin layer, shine will turn out shining and almost transparent. If you use the damp applicator, then the layer will turn out very saturated, with metal gloss. The applicator should not be wet – moisten it in water, then slightly wring out on napkin or get wet with towel.
  3. Apply the baked shadows to eyelid skin easy strokes, watching uniformity of drawing. The texture of shadows assumes equal and faultless covering, and due to soft structure the shade turns out volume, and such make-up very naturally looks.
  4. You monitor rules of compatibility of flowers – if you want to increase distance from eye to eyebrow, then shade the place under eyebrows light shadows which you put with dry brush or the applicator. Nacreous gloss of the baked shadows is ideal for allocation of internal corner of eye. You apply with the damp applicator the baked shadows of brighter shade on upper eyelid – here color has to be the most intensive.
  5. Make shade more dense at external corner of eye and gradually clarify it, moving ahead to nose bridge. If you use the dark baked shadows as eyeliner, then moisten only keen edge of the applicator in water, gather shadows and accurately draw line along edge of eye. It is possible to shade eyeliner other, dry applicator or thin brush. Also draw line under eyes, allocating the lower contour.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team