How to put the code of the intercom

How to put the code of the intercom

Provide situation for instant: after heavy day of work you come back home, but here you are waited by "surprise" - the intercom installed on outer door in entrance does not react to your key. How to get home? To call neighbors – already too late: people can already have a rest. Way out – to try to open door by means of the service menu.

It is required to you

  • - key for opening of door with the intercom.


1. Each intercom has individual "route" to the service center. For example, before you the Factorial intercom. To enter its service menu, type the six-digit code of "security guard": it can be either six zero, or combination "123456". If after the taken actions the outer door is not unblocked, try to press "5" (hold key from three to five seconds): on the screen the service message has to be highlighted. After that gather combination "180180" then press the call button, then gather "4" and again press on the call button.

2. If on outer door the Vizit intercom is installed to be included in the service menu, gather combination "#999" and wait for two short sound signals then safely enter the master code (normally it is the combination consisting of four numbers – "1234"), in response to what the device has to react short peep. If the master code entered by you was wrong, then the signal which will publish the intercom will be two-tone.

3. In turn gather other combinations of numbers: "9999", "6767", "12345", "3535", "11639" and "0000" (one of combinations precisely will approach). Having entered the service menu, you will be able to open without effort door and to put the new code. Being in the service menu, press "2", then make small pause and click on "#", then after short pause gather "3535" (after these actions the door will open). If to press the 3 button, then you will have possibility of "programming" of key.

4. After pressing of this button bring the key to the reader of the security device and press button "#", then wait for the peep demonstrating that your key is brought in memory of the intercom again.

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