How to put the door lock

How to put the door lock

Now need of door locks has not lost the relevance. The quantity of various forms and models produced locks can satisfy needs of everyone. However often there is question of how to put the door lock. If it is not present the consignment note, then particular problems, and here over cut-in it is necessary to work.

It is required to you

  • Lock, pencil, screw driver or drill, chisel


1. There are general rules of installation of box locks, irrespective of their sizes and modifications. The lock is put on door cloth at the height of handle from 90 to 100 cm from floor.

2. At first apply the lock to door at height of its installation and measure depth of entry into cloth. After that on the edge party of door circle with pencil reed part of the lock. It must be kept in mind that the marking should be made taking into account possibility of the reed panel to close the formed opening.

3. Further by means of the powerful screw driver or drill drill cloth on the lock depth that it could enter door cavity freely. For bigger flatness and accuracy earn additionally deepening chisel.

4. After that drill opening for the handle. Insert the lock and collect.

5. It was necessary to make deepening for "uvula" on door case. For this purpose it is possible to smear with pencil "uvula" of the lock and thus, having closed door, to make marking.

6. Further by means of drill and chisel deepen the place of joining of "uvula" of door and box. Then put decorative accessories. In such a way it is possible to put any box lock on interroom and outer doors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team