How to put the front garden

How to put the front garden

Understand small part of the territory which is located between fence and the house as the concept "front garden". Choosing its style, registration and plants, be guided by the general style of the house, materials of which it is made. The main rule which should be observed says "Choose plants so that they blossomed one after another". Not the last place is taken by the weather conditions inherent to certain region.

The size of the front garden is defined by house size, in most cases it occupies 2/3 heights of construction. The bushes chosen for the front garden have to close socle completely. The gradual lowering created by means of plants of various size hospitably "directs" the person to the entrance. If the wall at which breakdown of bed is planned has no windows, plant high tree: fir-tree, thuja or birch.

Secrets of the choice of plants

In the front garden from North side it is necessary to refuse lawn grass as she very badly transfers shadow. Carpet to raznotravya it will be appropriate as in big, and pretty front gardens, will help to get rid of need of bevelling of grass. In the southern front gardens such exotic plant as araliya well feels.

Availability in facing of the house of bright otelochny materials: brick, stone, plaster assumes planting of plants with moderate color of pastel tones. Against the background of dark walls of the house the vegetable violence of paints will harmoniously look. Besides color scheme of plants pay attention to how they transfer fall of temperature and frosts. Bulbous flowers are especially sensitive to low temperatures. For protection of crocuses put them under bushes, make tulips "neighbors" of ingates, and hide narcissuses between perennial plants. In front gardens of coniferous type the thuja and juniper planted by row can become main "violin". Between them landing of deciduous bushes will be appropriate. If the choice has fallen on blue spruce, give preference to such grades as "Hupsi" or "Fire".

During creation of fence the light-weight construction from climbers will be more attractive: wrinkled rose, hawthorn, box. The pig-iron grid having beautiful gate, and batten fence is not less harmonious.

Four rules of the beautiful front garden

1. That violence of paints in your front garden began with the first spring days, put hyacinths, autumn crocuses and primroses. The special care is demanded by hyacinths which need to be covered for the winter with peat or fallen leaves.2. In the center of the front garden the akvilegiya which is known in the people as reservoir comfortably feels. Openwork foliage and flowers of unusual form can be added with coneflower, hand bells, ekhinatsey, delphinium and one-year dahlias.3. The emptiness formed between not expanded young perennial plants fill lavatery three-months - unpretentious, fast-growing annual plant.4. Width of the main path has to be not less than 1.5 m, from materials it is worth paying attention to stone blocks, tile, clinker. In the financial plan use of gravel or crushed stone will be more attractive. That on paths rain water did not stand, they are stacked with crossfall in 3%.

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