How to put the garage lock

How to put the garage lock

The safe lock on garage – guarantee of safety not only this room, but also all house. As a rule, it is easier to crack garage gate, than even normal door to the building. In the garage and near it inhabitants constantly are not at home.

It is required to you

  • - metal plate;
  • - electric welding;
  • - lock;
  • - screws;
  • - drill;
  • - steel corner.


1. Pay special attention to the choice of the garage lock. Before to get it, surely take an interest in the seller to what category the goods offered you belong. Only special locks are capable to provide the maximum protection to the protected object. But there is more to come … Before buying the garage lock, check whether there is serial number on its keys. The serial number is the certificate that the products really qualitative, and can tell its absence only about one – the lock of handicraft work offered you.

2. Weld metal site on which the garage lock will be put on garage gate. As a rule, such site is welded with an overlap. To hang up the padlock, it is necessary to weld two fixtures on both shutters.

3. On the welded site mark openings under the screws intended for frontal fastening of the garage lock and cut them. For this purpose drill openings for fixture on each part. If you are going to put the padlock, then can get specially prepared fastenings through which you will pass arch.

4. In door framework drill opening under crossbar of the garage lock and its face fixture. After that put the lock and check correctness of its fastening: close-open the lock, make sure that does not jam anything anywhere that the larva passes in the groove allocated for it freely.

5. Make turnkey marking in external metal sheet and cut the well which in accuracy would correspond to profile if you put the hidden lock, but not hinged. Surely strengthen reciprocal part where the crossbar of the garage lock will enter (for this purpose it is possible to use thick steel corner).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team