How to put the house in order

How to put the house in order

House efforts always seem tiresome and take away a lot of time. But they can be planned so that to spend for them minimum of efforts at the maximum result. For reduction of the house in order it is necessary to stock up with time not to do everything in vanity. It is better to plan scope of work in advance and to make preliminary operations procedure.


1. For establishing order in the house it is better to move from top to down. Then all dust, dirt and garbage will fly down and will not soil already clean places. Usually on top a lot of dust accumulates. Therefore not superfluous will be to put on mask that in the course of cleaning not to begin to sneeze constantly.

2. All unnecessary things can just be thrown off down. Then they will be easy to be collected in bags and to take out on garbage can. On mezzanines and top of cabinets usually put any old things which can cause nostalgia and desire them again to consider. In that case cleaning can turn into certain "evening of memoirs" and will drag on for a long time.

3. When all dust from above is wiped (on shelves it is desirable to wipe books from dust too or to vacuum), it is possible to move to level of your eyes. Here too a lot of unnecessary accumulates: the used travel tickets, boxes and other trifle, which the place in garbage can. Better to leave it on floor too. We wipe vacant place from dust and we place the necessary things in the places.

4. If such cleaning happens in workplace, all necessary papers need to be put in accurate piles, and it is better to spread out them according to folders or boxes.

5. Houseplants will be quite good to be put in order too. As necessary to replace them or to change the earth in pots, to cut dry parts, to wash foliage. Dust accumulates not only on shelves, but also on leaves of plants.

6. All garbage lies on floor. Now it is necessary to bring together him in bags and to take out on garbage can. Here and floor was released. Carpets and rugs should be vacuumed. If desired it is possible and to wash. Special dry shampoos for carpets are produced. They not bad cope with the work. The small garbage and dirt is swept by brush. Now floor is ready to washing.

7. If cleaning was capital, it is better to wash the floor with special antibacterial means. There are means which do not demand washing off and do not do harm even to parquet.

8. After you have put the house in order, it needs to be aired. It must be done, that the smell from the used means for cleaning has disappeared.

9. Now it is possible to unmask, wash up face, hands and to enjoy result. If to work in the accurate sequence, then to put the house in order will not make big work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team