How to put the house on the base

How to put the house on the base

After the base of the house is ready and was stood certain time, the next stage of construction – setting of the house on the base, to be exact, construction of wall and overlappings begins. Walls have to be strong and warm therefore material for construction of the house is necessary corresponding.

It is required to you

  • - material for construction of walls;
  • - level;
  • - waterproofing materials;
  • - floor slabs;
  • - sand;
  • - cement.


1. Make sure that the base has well stiffened, on its perimeter there are no cracks and other defects. The quality of construction of walls and duration of operation of the building in many respects depends on basis durability. Decide on material for construction, considering climatic features of the area in which construction is conducted. Universal option are brick constructions.

2. Prepare brick for laying of walls, previously having examined surface regarding chips, cracks and other defects. It is not recommended to use at construction of the house the material which was in the use as degree of its durability can be insufficient. It is possible to check it, having broken one brick. The quality material which has undergone procedure of roasting for all requirements breaks only into large pieces.

3. Prepare solution of cement and sand in the quantity sufficient for two-three hours of continuous operation. For laying it is possible to use and other mixes, but cement provides good fight to brick surfaces, it is resistant to the modes of high and low temperatures. Begin construction of walls with corners, periodically checking row regarding curvature construction level.

4. After laying of brick on pillow of the base of the house on all perimeter strengthen them in integral structure – house wall. Upon termination of laying of walls process surfaces waterproofing solution that will prevent formation of dampness and mold indoors.

5. Start the device of overlappings. The sequence of works in this case depends on type of the used floor slabs (assembly, monolithic or assembly and monolithic). Mounting of overlappings needs to be made so that loading was distributed evenly on all area of the built room. Therefore it is better to entrust such works to professionals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team