How to put the lock on iron door

How to put the lock on iron door

Installation of the lock at iron door - very responsible work demanding certain knowledge and skills. This type of works is recommended to be trusted professionals. Incorrect installation of closure mechanism can lead to failure of both the lock, and iron door.

It is required to you

  • - drill;
  • - drills;
  • - pricker;
  • - square;
  • - chisel;
  • - screw-driver.


1. Choose to zamokbudta are ready that purchase of the high-quality lock for iron door can demand serious financial investments. Remember that the lock of iron door ensures safety of the room. Try to choose locks by which production the most modern technologies of protection are used. Listen to councils of technical consultants.

2. Make marking of door and door ramysledut to consider that the tie-in location of the lock is tied to arrangement of the door handle equipped with the special well for key. Make at door face horizontal mark by means of pricker. Apply lock housing to this mark and plan edge of the mechanism, fixing point of screws and opening for key. Make marking on door side by means of the square. Surely note lock thickness.

3. Prepare the slot for the body you zamkavozmit drill with thickness, the corresponding thickness of the lock. Drill opening. Bring the opening sizes to the necessary size by means of chisel. The lock has to enter the slot densely.

4. Execute marking of front level and cut deepening by means of chisel so that the front level was aflush with surface of iron door.

5. Cut locking level Carefully measure distance to crossbar. Plan the received distance on jamb of door case by means of pricker. Cut deepening for locking elements.

6. Insert the lock into iron door and fix it by means of the screws which are included in the delivery package. Adjust door handles. Establish anti-vandal pads.

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