How to put tile in kitchen

How to put tile in kitchen

Process of cooking is followed by certain pollution. Therefore purity of walls of kitchen has to be faultless. It can be reached, using ceramic tile for finishing of walls. It has the mass of advantages: durability, esthetics, simplicity of leaving. Besides, the ceramics "breathes".

It is required to you

  • - ceramic tile;
  • - plitkorez,
  • - glue for tile,
  • - special toothed palette;
  • - buckets for preparation of glue and soaking of tile;
  • - crosses for tile;
  • - level,
  • - slide guides;
  • - finish,
  • - rubber palette;
  • - drill;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - hammer, chisel.


1. Begin tiled works in kitchen with preparation. Calculate necessary quantity of tile, having added on another 10% for possible fight. Check tile from different boxes for coincidence of flowers and shades. On packing product codes have to be designated, compare whether they coincide.

2. Prepare walls for laying of tile. For this purpose remove whitewashing and paint. Dismantle old tile, using the hammer and chisel. The uneven wall received at the same time to zashtukaturta one or several layers. Then the tile which is laid out by you will well keep on equal wall.

3. Prepare the basis for tile. Self-tapping screws attach to walls slide guides under the first row of tile. In the course of tiled works surely use the level that number of tile was ideally equal. Choose one of ways of laying of tile – "seam in seam", on diagonal or "in bandaging". Be defined with what corner it is better for you to begin laying of tile. Pay attention to switches, sockets, etc. that you had to cut ceramic tile less.

4. Dissolve tiled glue and start laying of tile. Between tile in seams build in the special plastic crosses which are picked up for the size of tile. Apply with the toothed palette glue on tile and paste it on wall. During the tiled works constantly control level frontal wall surface that any tile did not act over another.

5. Use plitkorez for receiving piece of tile of the necessary size. You at the end of row, most likely, should glue not the whole tile, but its some part. Pencil draw the line on reverse side of tile, put it in plitkorez and press from above level. For figured cut of tile use the Bulgarian. To teach opening in tile, use drill. If it is necessary to cut off only several millimeters from tile, draw the glass-cutter line and break away edge by means of flat-nose pliers.

6. Lay out thus all ranks. In a day remove slide guides, remove the crosses inserted between tiles. Part with water the finish chosen to match tiles. The rubber palette densely rub it in seams. Wipe traces from finish damp sponge. The tile in kitchen is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team