How to put tuberous gloxinia

How to put tuberous gloxinia

The gloxinia is loved by flower growers for the unpretentiousness, long and magnificent blossoming of bright multi-colored grammofonchik, pleasant. This plant breeds tubers therefore landing will not provide difficulties even for beginners.

Besides landing of tubers, the gloxinia can be made multiple copies cherenkovaniye and also seeds, however the easiest and available way to grow up this plant is to get tuber of high-quality plant in specialized shop and to put him independently at home. Choosing tuber, it is necessary to examine attentively it on availability of mold spots and decay. It is good if in upper part there are rudiments of sprouts. Instead of hillocks on top of tuber there can sometimes be small shaggy sprouts. If instead of sprouts long pale stalks were extended, it is better to refuse acquisition of this tuber – very possibly that the plant is strongly weakened therefore can badly blossom. It happens at the wrong storage when in storage time the temperature condition and plant early was broken left hibernation.

In standard conditions the gloxinia "wakes up" at the end of February beginning of March, but in some cases process can be dragged out also till May. In this case before landing the tuber needs to give the chance to go to growth: in flowerpot it is possible to hold off jumping, having waited for emergence of kidneys. It is especially important for beginners – not to mix collum and top of tuber and not to land it in pot "upside down". The top of tuber has several uneven deepenings in which there are sprouts, and collum equal, convex.

If the tuber in the course of house storage has begun to begin to rot, it is necessary to cut such places and to powder cuts with wood charcoal or ashes for disinfection of wound. After this procedure it is necessary to dry properly planting stock about day. In such a way it is also possible to disinfect tubers if there is need to cut them when landing if the old tuber was too big. Soil for gloxinia needs to be selected easy, friable, feeder. It is better to buy ready universal soil for flowers, but it is possible to make it independently of the sheet earth, humus and bank sand in proportion 2:2:1. Before landing the soil needs to be disinfected to exclude danger of penetration of pathogenic microorganisms and wreckers in tuber. It is possible to fry thoroughly the soil in oven or to expose to frost it within 7-10 days. Choosing pot for gloxinia, it is desirable to pay attention to wide and low pots, selecting the size depending on the tuber size. Diameter of pots of 10-15 cm is optimum, in big pots the green material will only accrue, and the plant will become worse to blossom. When landing it is necessary to fill layer of coarse sand or haydite of 1.5-2 cm on pot bottom, from above to fill nutritious mix, to make deepening in the center and to place there tuber, leaving 1/3 part on surface. After that to water the soil in pot, and for acceleration of germination of tuber to cover capacity with polyethylene film or glass and to put to the light and warm place. After landing the soil needs to be watered regularly, without rehumidifying the soil. The surplus of moisture is very dangerous – the tuber can decay. It is better to use for watering drop method or watering through pallet – that moisture got to roots, avoiding moistening of the tuber. In summer months, air around plant has to be moderately moistened – in dry air the gloxinia blossoms worse, and buds quickly wither.

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