How to put up concrete fence

How to put up concrete fence

The concrete guard rail can be met not so often as, for example, wooden or metal. However the concrete fence nevertheless involves owners of the country real estate and first of all mounting of protection from ready blocks does not demand special experience, at the minimum expenses of time for installation.

For arrangement of concrete guard rail today most often use ready decorative blocks in the form of reinforced concrete slabs, plus specially cast columns. At the same time there is huge number of options of registration of plates (panels), including and on shades. Therefore it is reasonable to choose protection which in form and color will be closest to stylistics of your house.

Preparation and marking

It should be noted at once that efforts of 2-3 people are necessary for successful and fast mounting of concrete fence. Level of protection has to be identical throughout all perimeter therefore before works it is necessary to study locations of future protection, including soil relief. In need of it it is necessary to level: to cut off hillocks, to fill up deepenings. The marking of the territory is made by means of cord and tape measure. After planning in the locations of columns it is necessary to dig out holes (depth of 0.5 m) which size has to exceed column thickness on 6-8 cm. From materials and tools will be necessary: - shovels;

- scrap; - cement and sand; - crushed stone (it is possible beaten red brick); - construction level; - cord.

Mounting of protection

There are several mounting modes of concrete fence. The first way means use of templates. At first columns are established, are filled up with filling brick and leveled on level. At the same time you watch that columns have been driven on identical depth; it is possible to achieve it by means of equal rail (narrow board) which length exceeds distance between columns, and construction level. Then holes are filled with sand-cement slurry (3:1). At the same time between columns in grooves from above, rails which length corresponds to length of the concrete panel from below are inserted. Ready "design" is left for 2-3 days for full drying. Then it is possible to remove rails and to insert concrete panels into grooves. The second way means installation by sections, i.e. both columns and panels are put at the same time. After holes are ready, in one of them the column is put, filled up with filling brick. Further in groove the panel under which any suitable material, for example, brick is substituted is installed. All system is leveled on level, then the hole is filled in with solution. When everything dries, it is possible to establish the second column, etc. Not less than 3 days go to summertime on full drying of solution under columns. In conclusion it is possible to cover fence with primer and to paint.

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