How to raise cucumbers

How to raise cucumbers

Probably, the rare summer resident does not grow up cucumbers on the kitchen garden. Cucumber the most popular vegetable which is often used in food as in fresh, and marinated look. As it is correct to raise cucumbers on the site to receive rich harvest?

It is required to you

  • - cucumber seeds;
  • - plastic cups;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - ukryvny material;
  • - fertilizers.


1. When choosing the place for landing of cucumbers consider that they are very sympathetic on fertility of the soil, heat and light. Cucumber are one of the most thermophilic vegetables which are grown up in the open ground. Optimum temperature is 18-26 degrees. At temperature below 10 degrees the plant sharply slows down the growth, the root neck gets sick and the plant perishes.

2. It is recommended to plant cucumbers in the trained and high-fertile soil with the low content of nitrogen. Lime too sour soil. The best predecessors are the tomato, potatoes, onions, peas and cabbage. You bring under redigging fresh manure in the fall (one bucket on square meter). However manure can be replaced with superphosphate or ashes. In the spring once again carefully dig over the soil and loosen.

3. In the spring, approximately in one-two months prior to landing of cucumbers to the open ground, it is necessary to sow seeds on seedling. Previously wrap seeds in several layers of gauze and moisten with warm water, leave for several days before emergence of shoots. Do not forget to add warm water periodically. Then plant seeds (on two sunflower seeds in capacity) in small pots or plastic cups, water and put to the warm place.

4. As cucumbers badly transfer change, plant them to the open ground together with earth lump (after the soil gets warm). Bed have to be high, tower on 15-20 centimeters over ground level. Water with warm solution of permanganate of potassium of light pink color and cover from above with film for warming up. From strong winds make small shaft.

5. Provide cucumbers with abundant waterings, especially during active growth and formation of ovaries. Even insignificant drying of soil can lead to formation of bitterness in cucumbers who cannot be brought already any waterings. Water plant with the warm and settled water, cold can lead to oppression of growth and emergence of decay.

6. Mulch the soil, it considerably will accelerate emergence of fruits and will increase productivity of cucumbers. Except organic mulch, use more modern ukryvny materials which have property to pass infrared radiation, to hold moisture in the earth and to suppress growth of weeds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team